Kuskoa Chair, crafted out of wood
Production process of animal toys manufactured from expanded foam
Manufacturing a clothing hanger
A collection of fine bone china tableware slip-cast
Mass-produced products with one off details by manipulating a traditional ceramic manufacturing process
Royal College of Art – Facilities
Lamps made out from defective or unusable buoys
Pleat Box Lamp
Glithero’s Paper Planes
An experimental review of a traditional ceramic practice
The branches of a tree were to provide the critical analogy for the project
FiDU technology enables mass production of individualized shapes, light but also very durable.
You just dip your foot and dry it. That’s all.
“I want to live in a small house on a small plot at a reasonable price”
Meltdown Chair (PP Rope)
The first chair to be produced from deep-drawn sheet steel
Making Of The Flos Biagio
Bowls capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable
By trial & error they hit on the formula
Lamps made out from reuse of plastic bottles
Tube Bending Machine
Creating a sneaker from scratch
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BCN Design Week, 8-14 June

TMC is pleased to announce that we are going to be one of the Media Partners for the Barcelona Design Week from 8th to 14st June 2015. BCN Design Week (BDW), organised by Barcelona Design Centre (BCD Barcelona Design Centre) is the annual meeting of design, innovation and business that from 2006 attracts professionals & creative businesses who are eager to learn new trends, to network and to share knowledge and projects about a wide range of topics.


The Exquisite Kilned Corpse. Philippe Malouin + Fred Herbst + CMoG

08 – 18 July 2015
The goal of this workshop is for each participant to design an individual glass or ceramic piece, which – together with expert craftsmen – will be fabricated in Boisbuchet’s unique wood-fired kiln. At the end of this process, all pieces shall connect in order to form a bigger object, installation and/or sculpture. The operation of the kiln will be an integral part of the participant’s ten-day experience.


“Peine del Viento” and Eduardo Chillida

The most emblematic work of Eduardo Chillida. It is designed to be manufactured in corten steel in order to stand the test of time and the strong erosion of the sea and wind. The “Peine del viento” is presented as a monumental set of three solid steel shapes, powerfully fixed to the rocks, opened like huge claws defying the laws of nature. “It took me 25 years to `hit´ with the design, from 1952 with the first comb, until 1977 with `Peine del viento´ in Donostia.”

“It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.” by Jonthan Ive


Collective works production process + 97 metre veneer baskets

’97 metre veneer – baskets’ are wooden baskets, each having its own unique colour gradient. With a specially constructed machine, an estimated 97 metre long oak-veneer-strip is slowly glued and coiled up around a wooden base to form a basket.


Crease, Fold, Pour: Advancing Flexible Formwork

Crease, Fold, Pour is an exploration into the processes of casting concrete within flexible formwork. Aided by digital fabrication tools and algorithmic modeling, their research proposes a new method of casting freeform reinforced concrete geometries with the use of folded thingauge plastics as semi-rigid formwork.


Wheelchair made from recycled chairs by Clara Romani & Josep Mora

Kigali Chair is a DIY wheelchair made with recycled material, using parts of wheelchairs and useless bicycles. With an easy building system from metal pieces and wheels, we can transform a common chair in a wheelchair.


Fork clothing hanger by Buttur

Fork is a clothing hanger that utilizes materials and manufacturing in an unexpected manner while retaining minimal aesthetics and structural integrity. Its design has been stripped down to its essential elements while adding a hint of curiosity, resulting in a clean aesthetic.


Game for Breakfast (CLOSED)

The contest aimed at finding new creative talents that might help them discover new playful shapes for the biscuits most loved by families. The idea is to find a new biscuit that is not just for eating, a biscuit you can play with or that evokes with its shape a game or a moment to share, fun or relax… a way to start the day with a smile.


R-Evolutionary Baby Design

Do you have an innovative idea for developing products and relaxation areas for the little ones in the house? Present your project and win 2,000 €!


Internship at Play Associates (London, UK)

This is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic, motivated and hardworking junior designer to gain experience working closely with their dynamic design team beginning to forge a reputation.


Hands and Objects. Campana Brothers

14 – 20 June 2015
The idea is to use your hands as tools with which you’ll create objects from all sorts of material. Participants in this workshop shall enjoy the process of discovering new materials and pushing them as far as they can in order to explore the different forms they can take. You’ll be working with natural materials such as rope, fibers, wood, leaves etc. as well as leftovers from former workshops.

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things.” by Aaron Schwartz


Rimma Tchilingarian’s Colour Vases

With indus­tri­al­i­za­tion por­ce­lain reached the next stage of its ev­o­lu­tion. Less com­plex forms and pat­terns and more stand­ard­ized and prac­ti­cal prod­ucts evolved char­ac­ter­ized by smooth well-pro­cessed surfaces. The ob­jec­tive of the in­dus­try con­sists in manu­fac­tur­ing everyday ob­jects in se­ri­al pro­duc­tion. These goods are not dis­tin­guish­a­ble from each other any­more and cope with the need for norm­a­ti­vi­ty.


A Fireplace for Boisbuchet. Alvaro Siza & Carlos Castanheira

14 – 20 June 2015
For this workshop, Alvaro Siza teams up with architect Carlos Castanheira, with whom he has already realized several international projects. Their brief for Boisbuchet is a new fireplace as a permanent outdoor installation for communal use.


Collar, a table lamp by Kutarq and Nordic Tales

Collar is a table lamp, which unites simple Scandinavian design with Spanish elegance. The organic shape of the lampshade reflects a pleasant, diffuse light into the room. The lamp consists of three parts; a base, a LED-bulb and a lampshade.


Graphic Designer at Foster + Partners (London, UK)

They are an award-winning global architectural design practice based in Battersea, London and have an excellent opportunity for a graduate (up to three years experience) graphic designer to join our well established graphic design team.


RCA | Royal College of Art

Established in 1837, the Royal College of Art is the world’s longest-running postgraduate college of art and design. Based around the six Schools of Architecture, Communication, Design, Fine Art, Humanities and Material, their breadth of subjects is wide and embodies a deep tradition of practice-based research.


MADE | Emerging Talent Award

MADE and Desall, given their affinities in the way they make design accessible to all, invite all creative talents of the world to take part in the Emerging Talent Award, designing new furniture and home accessories for the MADE catalogue.


Kuskoa Collection by Iratzoki and Alki

The Kuskoa collection is inspired by the first plastic chairs designed by Robin Day. But in this case, all the chair is crafted out of wood, providing a warm appearance, comfort and resistance. The shell, front upholstered or fully in wood, perches delicately on a frame of solid wood.