Kuskoa Chair, crafted out of wood
Production process of animal toys manufactured from expanded foam
Manufacturing a clothing hanger
A collection of fine bone china tableware slip-cast
Manipulating a traditional ceramic manufacturing process
Royal College of Art – Facilities
Lamps made out from defective or unusable buoys
Pleat Box Lamp
Glithero’s Paper Planes
An experimental review of a traditional ceramic practice
The branches of a tree were to provide the critical analogy for the project
FiDU technology enables mass production of individualized shapes, light but also very durable.
You just dip your foot and dry it. That’s all.
“I want to live in a small house on a small plot at a reasonable price”
Meltdown Chair (PP Rope)
The first chair to be produced from deep-drawn sheet steel
Making Of The Flos Biagio
Bowls capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable
By trial & error they hit on the formula
Lamps made out from reuse of plastic bottles
Tube Bending Machine
Creating a sneaker from scratch
We promote young professionals: Check the University Graduation Projects!

What’s happening out there? Have a look and check our agenda. Events, Design Weeks, Expositions, Talks and Design Festivals around the world.


Ostrich Pillow 100% Hand made in Spain by Studio Banana Things

Ostrich Pillow is a revolutionary power-napping device designed by Kawamura-Ganjavian. It has been designed to allow you to catch some sleep whilst on the go, it is filled with special silent silicon micro-beads to enhance sound reduction whilst remaining light-weight. Its smart adjustable elastic ring allows power-nappers of different sizes to use it comfortably. The carefully sourced fabric is extremely soft, making you feel cosy enough to literally drift away anywhere.


Roly Poly Chair, constructed from layered, high gloss fiberglass

Each of the new pieces has been developed as a clay maquette before being rendered in layered fibreglass, chosen as a medium for its tensile strength and sculptural qualities. Surfaces are polished smooth in places, left raw and untreated in others; the resultant textural dialogue is carried across into hand-woven yarn throws and the graphic, contoured Play tapestry – an abstract image derived from an infant’s building blocks.


Exquisite Design. Patrick Norguet

19 – 25 July 2015
During the first two days, each participant will privately construct their own chair (production method and materials to the discretion of the individual). The third day, each project will be presented amongst the group. They will then reflect on these pieces to find technical and aesthetic solutions to conceive a communal, multipurpose bench.


New Designers at Business Design Centre in London

New Designers presents an unmissable opportunity to buy new products for your store or home, get inspired by fresh ideas and discover new design talent to commission or recruit.


NSEPS (Not So Expanded Polystyrene) – Silo Studio

They invented a new manufacturing process that involves steaming polystyrene beads inside fabric moulds. They used the process, called NSEPS (Not So Expanded Polystyrene), to create this range of furniture. Steaming causes the beads to melt, expand and fuse together, distorting their moulds.


Boiacca table. Elegant and resistant

The Boiacca table stands out for its material, typically used for modern architecture, which has been taken to the limit and is also increasingly used in the design field: cement with a special formula and internal reinforcements in stainless steel, the cement legs are incredibly thin, elegant and resistant, allowing the Boiacca table to be used either indoors or outdoors.


Camper Together. Curro Claret & Arrels Fundació

This Camper shop in Barcelona it has been done by a group of six “ex homeless” people from Arrels Fundació, institution that helps homeless people. Before that job, they already did some work together with “la pieza” project, making some furniture reusing found pieces of wood collected from the street.

We focus on the how !


Design Essentials. Marcelo Rosenbaum

26 July – 01 August 2015
A practical exercise that stimulates the ability to identify, validate and co-create within a social context using design as a process that proposes change. Marcelo Rosenbaum, shows how some of the concepts of Essential Design can be a process of collective discovery, embracing common values to achieve new creative ways with social innovation and an evolution of human values.


Ovegaard & Dyrman’s handcrafted Wire Collection

The Wire Collection finds inspiration in traditional saddlery and metal work, and challenges the synergy and contrast in the use of materials. The honesty in genuine materials and the balance between functionality, ergonomics and manufacturing define Wire and reflect its purpose.


Kwangho Lee

Kwangho’s childhood among tradition and elements is the creative force driving his original output into an oeuvre of a beautiful symphony of design and crafts. Led by emotional memory instead of precise calculation, Kwangho Lee provides an alternative view on mundane materials.


FADfest. Barcelona, 29 June – 5 July

The FADfest is the festival of industrial design, graphic design and visual communication, architecture and interior design, fashion, art and crafts. It is the festival that celebrates creative excellence, that recognizes the work of professionals and businesses and brings design closer to the people.

The Paper Pavilion 1_Photo_Deidi von Schaven© Domaine de Boisbuchet

Academic Relations, PR and Events Officer at Boisbuchet (Lessac, France)

Our job-offer for the position of Boisbuchet’s Academic Relations, PR and Events Officer addresses beginners in the management of design, architecture and other culture-related businesses who are eager to learn from muti-faceted challenges in an international team that organises workshops, exhibitions, competitions and other cultural events.


Office, editorial & workshop interns at Thisispaper (Warsaw, Poland)

THISISPAPER is looking for interns! 3 or 6-month paid internships that will take place at Thisispaper Studio in Warsaw, Poland.


Design Miami/ Basel. 16-21 June

Design Miami/ is the global forum for design with annual shows in Miami and Basel.

Happy to announce that we have partnered up with Boisbuchet to tell you compelling stories about its creative workshops.

LuisUrculoWorkshop_Photo_ChocheGomez copia

Domaine de Boisbuchet. Workshops 2015

Boisbuchet commemorates the 25th anniversary of its workshop program, which proposes the overall subject of “Design and the Community” to the best of the workshop’s previous tutors and the most promising new creative minds in design and neighboring disciplines


Lolly Follies – A witch’s revenge! Bethan Laura Wood

12 – 18 July 2015
Working in collaboration with designer and sugar artist Fernando Laposse, Bethan will lead a workshop that explores the pattern, colour and architectural possibilities of sugar. Creating a stained glass sugar folly, participants will aim to tempt Hansel and Gretel back into the forest!


Soba. Trestle and bench by Stefan Diez for Japan Creative

Soba reinterprets the traditional bamboo bench, an object still used in lots of places in Japan and which became such an almost invisible object, by adding a twist in its construction to allow it to be easily assembled.


Ugmonk by Jeff Sheldon

An inside look at Jeff Sheldon’s story, design philosophy, and why Ugmonk is more than just another t-shirt brand.


Invisible Impact Design. Bless

19 – 25 July 2015
The workshop will be about visible and invisible demarcation lines. They intend to work quite concretely with the borders of the Boisbuchet property, the existing electric fence that outlines some of the animal-populated sections, existing and non existing entrance gates, welcoming and farewell indicators.


Mobi Prize by RVTR

RVTR was approached to design and produce the 2012 MobiPrize to be presented at Rio+20, The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil June 13-22 2012.


Vermelha Chair, 500 meters of rope

500 meters of special rope. A week of work. High specialization. They are all needed to create this wrap-around chair with aluminum and steel frame, and manual weaving of the rope directly onto the frame. The unique padding is created by progressive overlapping of hundreds of abundant twines on the frame.


Design is Future: innovation through design congresstival. 11/12/13 June

Which are the new roles of designers? How does design promote and impact companies? How does design help to build a better world? These are some of the questions that we will answer at the first ‘Design is Future: innovation through design Congresstival’, an event that will explore new approaches to design from the perspectives of the profession, business & society, using a format which mixes the concepts of ‘congress’ and ‘festival’.


It takes more than one. Mischer’traxler

05 – 11 July 2015
It will purposefully embrace this togetherness and collaboration when using, operating or making objects. Through hands on assignments and experiments, participants slowly define which items and scenarios could work for more than one user and would be exciting to explore. Directions to consider will vary from logic and meaningful solutions to poetic and lively proposals up to amusing absurdity.

mc 6

STOOL by Stevens and Hayter

The intention of this project was to explore the possibilities of executing a project with the smallest budget possible, whilst achieving an understandable and simple outcome using only hand-tools.



Upload phase: 26th May – 02nd Jul 2015
Widiba has made a partnership with a retailer from the small-scale distribution that sells products and services not related to the bank industry. For this reason, Widiba is looking for innovative solutions to promote its brand and bank account inside the partner sales points, through furnishing accessories, gadgets or corner-areas designated for the opening of a new account.


One Design Week. Sofia, 19-28 June

ONE DESIGN WEEK is an international festival for design and visual culture. It takes place every June. It features a professional forum with prominent speakers from all over the world, as well as an extensive program of open events aimed at the broader audience – exhibitions, workshops, discussions, talks, screenings, parties, book openings, events for children, etc.


LAFRESCA by Granada Barrero & Damian Lopez

This LAFRESCA is the classic chair made of bulrush, commonly known as “Andalusian chair” which pretends to reintegrate again this democratic seat in nowadays homes keeping its essence, materials and fabrication process.


Sean Collier Memorial by Howëler + Yoon Architecture

Situated on MIT’s campus in honor of Officer Sean Collier who was shot and killed on April 18th 2013, the Collier Memorial marks the site of tragedy with a timeless structure—translating the phrase “Collier Strong” into a space of remembrance through a form that embodies the concept of strength through unity.


BCN Design Week, 8-14 June

TMC is pleased to announce that we are going to be one of the Media Partners for the Barcelona Design Week from 8th to 14st June 2015. BCN Design Week (BDW), organised by Barcelona Design Centre (BCD Barcelona Design Centre) is the annual meeting of design, innovation and business that from 2006 attracts professionals & creative businesses who are eager to learn new trends, to network and to share knowledge and projects about a wide range of topics.


The Exquisite Kilned Corpse. Philippe Malouin + Fred Herbst + CMoG

08 – 18 July 2015
The goal of this workshop is for each participant to design an individual glass or ceramic piece, which – together with expert craftsmen – will be fabricated in Boisbuchet’s unique wood-fired kiln. At the end of this process, all pieces shall connect in order to form a bigger object, installation and/or sculpture. The operation of the kiln will be an integral part of the participant’s ten-day experience.


“Peine del Viento” and Eduardo Chillida

The most emblematic work of Eduardo Chillida. It is designed to be manufactured in corten steel in order to stand the test of time and the strong erosion of the sea and wind. The “Peine del viento” is presented as a monumental set of three solid steel shapes, powerfully fixed to the rocks, opened like huge claws defying the laws of nature. “It took me 25 years to `hit´ with the design, from 1952 with the first comb, until 1977 with `Peine del viento´ in Donostia.”

“It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.” by Jonthan Ive


Collective works production process + 97 metre veneer baskets

’97 metre veneer – baskets’ are wooden baskets, each having its own unique colour gradient. With a specially constructed machine, an estimated 97 metre long oak-veneer-strip is slowly glued and coiled up around a wooden base to form a basket.

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