Kuskoa Chair, crafted out of wood
Production process of animal toys manufactured from expanded foam
Manufacturing a clothing hanger
A collection of fine bone china tableware slip-cast
Manipulating a traditional ceramic manufacturing process
Royal College of Art – Facilities
Lamps made out from defective or unusable buoys
Pleat Box Lamp
Glithero’s Paper Planes
An experimental review of a traditional ceramic practice
The branches of a tree were to provide the critical analogy for the project
FiDU technology enables mass production of individualized shapes, light but also very durable.
You just dip your foot and dry it. That’s all.
“I want to live in a small house on a small plot at a reasonable price”
Meltdown Chair (PP Rope)
The first chair to be produced from deep-drawn sheet steel
Making Of The Flos Biagio
Bowls capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable
By trial & error they hit on the formula
Lamps made out from reuse of plastic bottles
Tube Bending Machine
Creating a sneaker from scratch
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Interact with architecture. Miguel Vieira Baptista

06 – 12 September 2015
The aim of this workshop is to develop a series of objects that relate to the idea of built space. Objects that interact with specific architectural features such as, walls, corners, windows, to name just a few, or objects that can mediate the interior and exterior of an architectural construction.


Randy Weflen and Wefi Surfboards

Wefi is a West-Coast board builder featuring custom hollow western red cedar boards. They fully-custom air-chambered boards are an entirely different type of ride. Constructed from natural elements found on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, their boards provide a melding medium that unite the rider with the energy of the wave.


Tap-Dori – Our Patchwork Pagoda. Chang Eung Bok

09 – 15 August 2015
Today’s globalized world challenges any community which is based on a shared place, belief or history. Therefore design should find out how similarities and differences in a community are connected. This workshop uses global and local contexts and tries to weave something ‘glocal.’


Materiality. Cecilie Manz

09 – 15 August 2015
The workshop will focus on these close relationships between materiality and functionality as well as on the choices we make across the design process.


Rietveld’s Zig Zag Chair’s Manufacturing by Cassina

The Zig Zag-chair is a chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934. It is a minimalistic design without legs, made by 4 flat wooden tiles that are merged in a Z-shape using Dovetail joints. It was designed for Rietveld’s Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht and is now produced by the Italian manufacturer Cassina.


Vernacular Design and Modern Invention. Studio Swine

02 – 08 August 2015
Studio Swine will be running a workshop that explores how design can be the result of local materials, craft heritage and vernacular design colliding with innovation and new connections.


Generated flower vase. Combination of digital technique & craftsmanship

When wicker is produced, craftsman has wove one by one manually along the mold. Kunikazu Hamanishi thought if we can create different kinds of molds, craftsman would be able to weave various shaped wickers.


Job offers at Wonmin Park’s studio (Rotterdam)

Wonmin Park is currently looking for people (Interns, Production Manager and Senior Designer) to join his studio team in Rotterdam.

CMoG Sigga Heimis Designer Glass Lab 20130807GH

Cooking, Eating & Designing. Sigga Heimis + IKEA

02 – 08 August 2015
In this workshop you will explore the world of cooking and eating through the eyes of designers and see how design can improve and affect this important business in a new, creative way.


Furniture Design Award Singapore 2016

Submission Deadline 10 August 2015
FDA 2016 will take on a ‘free style’ approach where designers are welcomed to exercise their creativity without restrictions, and demonstrate their originality through this open call for submissions.


Petra side tables, sculpted/machined from solid marble

The reference to mooring bollards was natural for this company located in Saint Jean de Luz. Machined from solid marble, Petra is the perfect illustration of raw material design. These small and unusual tables, which can be used alone or in pairs, both indoors and outdoors, provide a focal point that blend into the most varied surroundings.

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bastidor 7

Embroidery hoop becomes a wall clock

A wall clock which is originated from all the tools to cross stitch. Just a quartz machine was added. The process itself becomes the object of contemplation where the tool to fix the embroidering canvas, becomes the frame for the clock and the embroidered motifs becomes the reference numbers.


Salt sculptures carved and eroded by a cow

Small salt sculptures carved by bruna own cow, random position and observation time are the main factors that define the shape of the sculptures are exposed and subsequently eroded by the cow until they disappear.


Playwood. Jaime Hayon

Working mainly with wood, you’ll experiment with various processes and work hands on in the workshop. Participants can dream about surreal objects that transport kids to another dimension – games, vehicles, furniture items, and environments that create a fantasy world without digital devices.


“Design is a virus for me, so it sort of infects everything that you do, in a positive way.” Josh Owen

The work of designer and educator Josh Owen is at once simple, practical and quietly innovative. Although the typologies that Owen creates are commonly described as refined, iconic or minimalist, he defines function in humanistic terms.


IKEA connecting social entrepreneurs in rural India to the global market

What does a typical IKEA supplier look like? Maybe you imagine a large factory filled with people making thousands of products a day. But we also work with much smaller producers. Artisans of handmade crafts, producing limited numbers of unique items. Meet the social entrepreneurs whose businesses are changing the lives of people in their communities.


Senior Designer Apparel – Reebok Classics (Barcelona)

In their Creation Center located in Barcelona they are currently looking for a Senior Designer for managing and creating the Reebok Classics apparel line and establishing functional and aesthetic designs on a seasonal basis for the category.


Maja Mesic, Boya Crayons

Crayons Boya present an innovative approach to drawing, their shape being direct result of research in drawing ergonomics and function. Unlike the restrictive form of pencil-shaped drawing tools, Boya’s tear-drop form has been devised to allow more natural and expressive hand movement. Furthermore, the shape possesses a tactile, sculptural quality which invites use and experimentation.


Material Data. Anne Masson + Eric Chevalier + Teixidors

12 – 18 July 2015
In the exceptional and inspiring environment of Boisbuchet, Material Data proposes to experiment graphical and structural processes for the creation of weft material and yarns that will be used to weave surfaces and textures on the loom. The workshop involves the sharing of these processes and your work in a team or in pairs in order to combine respective know-hows and approaches that result in designs, which pay tribute to the emotional and functional issues of fabrics.


Ishinomaki Laboratory

Ishinomaki Lab is striving to push the DIY concept forward to broaden the horizons of DIY design, helping to energise people and the community as a local-running independent company. Ishinomaki Laboratory began as a workshop for the local community in a coastal area of Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi prefecture, which was devastated by the tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011.

What’s happening out there? Have a look and check our agenda. Events, Design Weeks, Expositions, Talks and Design Festivals around the world.


Ostrich Pillow 100% Hand made in Spain by Studio Banana Things

Ostrich Pillow is a revolutionary power-napping device designed by Kawamura-Ganjavian. It has been designed to allow you to catch some sleep whilst on the go, it is filled with special silent silicon micro-beads to enhance sound reduction whilst remaining light-weight. Its smart adjustable elastic ring allows power-nappers of different sizes to use it comfortably. The carefully sourced fabric is extremely soft, making you feel cosy enough to literally drift away anywhere.


Roly Poly Chair, constructed from layered, high gloss fiberglass

Each of the new pieces has been developed as a clay maquette before being rendered in layered fibreglass, chosen as a medium for its tensile strength and sculptural qualities. Surfaces are polished smooth in places, left raw and untreated in others; the resultant textural dialogue is carried across into hand-woven yarn throws and the graphic, contoured Play tapestry – an abstract image derived from an infant’s building blocks.


Exquisite Design. Patrick Norguet

19 – 25 July 2015
During the first two days, each participant will privately construct their own chair (production method and materials to the discretion of the individual). The third day, each project will be presented amongst the group. They will then reflect on these pieces to find technical and aesthetic solutions to conceive a communal, multipurpose bench.


New Designers at Business Design Centre in London

New Designers presents an unmissable opportunity to buy new products for your store or home, get inspired by fresh ideas and discover new design talent to commission or recruit.


NSEPS (Not So Expanded Polystyrene) – Silo Studio

They invented a new manufacturing process that involves steaming polystyrene beads inside fabric moulds. They used the process, called NSEPS (Not So Expanded Polystyrene), to create this range of furniture. Steaming causes the beads to melt, expand and fuse together, distorting their moulds.


Boiacca table. Elegant and resistant

The Boiacca table stands out for its material, typically used for modern architecture, which has been taken to the limit and is also increasingly used in the design field: cement with a special formula and internal reinforcements in stainless steel, the cement legs are incredibly thin, elegant and resistant, allowing the Boiacca table to be used either indoors or outdoors.


Camper Together. Curro Claret & Arrels Fundació

This Camper shop in Barcelona it has been done by a group of six “ex homeless” people from Arrels Fundació, institution that helps homeless people. Before that job, they already did some work together with “la pieza” project, making some furniture reusing found pieces of wood collected from the street.

We focus on the how !


Design Essentials. Marcelo Rosenbaum

26 July – 01 August 2015
A practical exercise that stimulates the ability to identify, validate and co-create within a social context using design as a process that proposes change. Marcelo Rosenbaum, shows how some of the concepts of Essential Design can be a process of collective discovery, embracing common values to achieve new creative ways with social innovation and an evolution of human values.


Ovegaard & Dyrman’s handcrafted Wire Collection

The Wire Collection finds inspiration in traditional saddlery and metal work, and challenges the synergy and contrast in the use of materials. The honesty in genuine materials and the balance between functionality, ergonomics and manufacturing define Wire and reflect its purpose.


Kwangho Lee

Kwangho’s childhood among tradition and elements is the creative force driving his original output into an oeuvre of a beautiful symphony of design and crafts. Led by emotional memory instead of precise calculation, Kwangho Lee provides an alternative view on mundane materials.

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