Exhibition overview_WEB_07

Revaluate by Dutch Invertuals

On the verge of shifting cultures and collapsing economies, one really has to thoroughly reconsider who we are and what we stand for. Formulating a new awareness. Gaining the freedom from fading boundaries. Creating space for new understanding, unknown trades, alternative concepts of value and belonging. Ten designers look into this interchanging reality and seek for revaluation.


Agenda: Fablab Workshops

The Fab Lab Workshops try to stimulate the maker community and the Do It Yourself in different fields, in which you can find different applications. They open the possibility of generating new thoughts on the way in which we live and consume.


Architecture & Design Film Festival NYC

This year’s festival at Tribeca Cinemas will showcase more than 25 films, panel discussions, book signings and Q&A’s with design leaders and film makers from around the world.


Traditional Pottery and Woodcraft Workshop by The Chair that Rocks

We invite you to participate in the first workshop organised by The Chair that Rocks, where through contemporary design, we will rescue techniques and re-interpret ancient objects from Tlacotalpan, Veracruz. In 7 days you can design and create two products.December 8th through 15th.