Extrusion Bowls by Apparatu

Published on April 8, 2013


Today at The Method Case we are really proud of presenting Extrusion Bowls by apparatu. For us, this project implies more than a publication. It involves our video collaboration. Back in 2010, Apparatu opened its doors to host Frágil, a workshop for creativity, design and crafts.  It was not as much an introduction to the ceramic work process but more of an experimental workshop and a reflection on objects and their fragility.

Guim Espelt Estopà was one of the participants and he designed the pieces after discovering a seemingly impossible texture. Hence, due to the significant result of the workshop, both sides decided that this project ought to continue.


The process begins with the deformation of a hollow cylinder of extrusioned clay, after which they focus on the cracks that were generated. By trial and error they hit on the formula in the wheel: for the creation of a bowl, the only way to preserve the cracks is to place the cylinder in the wheel and push from the centre towards the periphery. By expanding the grey mass while spinning, unique and random textures appear on the surface leaving the coloured interior as the only controlled element.

ExtrusionBowls-by-Apparatu-themethodcase-12 ExtrusionBowls-by-Apparatu-themethodcase-14ExtrusionBowls-by-Apparatu-themethodcase-9

As stated before, our engagement in this publication is special. It is a collaboration between Apparatu and The Method Case were we have been working in the video production. We aim to show the pure production process of the bowls. A very manual process where each piece is treated as unique, the generational barriers are broken and experience breathes the influence of young creative talent.

A new project for us which desires to have new proposals. Most importantly, we are very proud of the process. Throughout the filming process we could learn and live the daily life of Apparatu’s pottery. A familiar workshop/factory that captivates your soul.

Thanks for having an endless passion for your work.

Designed by: Guim Espelt Estopà with Joan and Xavier Mañosa
Commission: Apparatu
Edit video: The Method Case
Music: 3 Mellizas


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