Play Light by Tangible

Published on May 9, 2013

1.-105 x 80

Since the beginning of the creative process of Play Light, Óscar fully considered object-user interaction and since started creating a luminaire was introduced in the study of play with the light, worked on circular lattices with different diameters looking the distance and size exact to achieve a legible font.

The main concept is to create an change-object, your intervention being able to configure it to your liking.

By working the first models from cardboard he developed the idea of ​​the tulip from a folded plane, only using rivets for attachment.


Thee manufacture was clear, the chosen material will be metal, because of its stiffness and its properties when it’s being folded. The other components are made of poplar wood, machined from logs collected in the area of Pamplona.

The color of the wood without any treatment creates a very cozy aspect in contrast to the aluminum structure that provides stability and strength to the whole.


We studied the dimensions of the mast sections and other components for maximum optimization packaging.

Manufacturing is carried out entirely in specialized workshops in woodturning guild, laser cutting and bending metal, located in the area of Pamplona (Navarra).



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