Skip Dolphin Hursh, Ink on paper

Published on October 1, 2013

Time lapse sequence of the process for a series of four pieces created for the group show Off Screen II. Ink on paper, 30″x44″.

skip-dolphin-hursh-ink-on-paper-themethodcase-01 skip-dolphin-hursh-ink-on-paper-themethodcase-04skip-dolphin-hursh-ink-on-paper-themethodcase-03 skip-dolphin-hursh-ink-on-paper-themethodcase-02

Skip is a Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Artist, and Thing-Maker from the midwestern USA, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. His work ties a thread of playful abstraction and vibrant colors through works both simple and complex. He works as an On-Air Designer & Animator for Nickelodeon, as well as for a variety of freelance clients including Scholastic, Discovery Channel, Digg, Freakstep Records, and French Horn Rebellion. He is also a contributor to the art and design blog The Fox is Black.

Skip Dolphin Hursh

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