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Published on April 7, 2013

Bicycle Accessories

Workshop with Chris Kabel, Bachelor Industrial Design

Simple things to improve every day by bike, if the bike is your mode of transportation you’ll understand. Just brilliant!

BicycleAccessories-ECAL-themethodcase-3 BicycleAccessories-ECAL-themethodcase-5

BicycleAccessories-ECAL-themethodcase-8 BicycleAccessories-ECAL-themethodcase-6

You can see it  in milan 13′

ECAL Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano
9-14 April 2013

A showcase of new projects in Industrial and Product Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Media & Interaction Design and Photography from the Bachelor and Master programmes, curated by Alexis Georgacopoulos, ECAL Director.

Mind The Beep.

Workshop with Yuri SuzukiECAL Media & Interaction Design + ECAL Industrial Design

Mind The Beep.-ECAL-themethodcase-9 Mind The Beep.-ECAL-themethodcase-10

Workshop led by the London based, japanese Designer, Yuri Suzuki. Projects realised by the students in Media & Interaction Design in collaboration with the Industrial Design students from ECAL. Workshop based on the concept of re-designing soundscape. In this workshop, re-consider and re-design alert sound such as alarm clock, ringing sound of mobile phone and bike bell. Improving surroundings with sound.

The sound of the Heels 

A Camera Drama.

Workshop with Roel Wouters

A Camera Drama.-ECAL-themethodcase-10 Mind The Beep.-ECAL-themethodcase-11 Mind The Beep.-ECAL-themethodcase-12 Mind The Beep.-ECAL-themethodcase-13

ECAL Media & Interaction Design + ECAL Industrial Design
Workshop led by the dutch designer Roel Wouters. Projects realised by the students in Media & Interaction Design in collaboration with the Industrial Design students.
Brief: Build an apparatus that produces videos the world has never seen before.

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