03AM® Flour Bag-Sacks by PENSANDO EN BLANCO

Published on October 14, 2013

07_03AM_PENSANDOENBLANCO_COLECCIONA flour bag to enjoy the rest, 03AM in the morning…
Enjoy the rest…

03AM® Saks are based on a real anecdote lived for years in a bakery started in 1.913, as bakery-grocery. There are many anecdotes and stories in a bakery around products such as chocolate, sweets, wine, oil, eggs, yeast biscuits, bread and flour bags. A story that has served to explain the story of 03AM® Saks. A tribute to the daily work of the bakers shaped in a shortfilm where we see the development of the whole project in a special tour through the origin to the traditional looms where we have been hand woven all the project 03AM®.


Every label in this project has been created recovering original details, images and stories from an artisan bakery from 1.913. These details help narrating its origin and the peculiar anecdotes which confer the 03AM® bag its personality and character.


There are many anecdotes and sto­ries in a bakery around pro­ducts such as cho­co­late, sweets, wine, oil, eggs, yeast ­bis­cuits, bread and flour bags.

Their tissues have been hand woven, thread-by-thread, with the finest natural materials and fibers by Teixidors®. They have recovered traditional looms to manufacture them; resulting in amazing finishes, thanks to the imperfect perfection transmitted by our hands in the natural process, one of our main hallmarks.


The 03AM® bag is 100% hand crafted, thus obtaining beautiful irregular seams in each of the stitches, which give the product a lot of personality, thanks to the labour of the artisan tapestry makers. They use natural materials and traditional techniques as one of our main commitments, thus their leather is manufactured with tree bark, pelt and river water, 100% natural materials, processed using traditional vegetable tanning techniques.

Designed baring ergonomics in mind, the shape of the 03am® bag is optimized to obtain the users well-being. A design, which naturally follows our spine line, perfectly adapting itself to our body’s natural position.


This bag is filled with eps micropearls and foam combination, recycled & biodegradable materials, allows them to replace conventional eps as possible. Understanding the need to protect the environment, they are constanly studing materials offered by the market and align with the highest respect for the enviroment, quality and ergonomics in their products.

Pensando en blanco and Teixidors


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