15,000 Volts by Melanie Hoff

Published on March 7, 2013

“Sometimes the best way to create something is by destroying something.By sending the electrical current into the wood and speeding it up thousands of times fractal-like patterns work their way across the wood, with sparks flying out and cracks appearing creating a Rorschachian effect for the viewer. Just like spotting faces in the clouds you can make out your own patterns and shapes in the intricate lightning bolts that form as the wood succumbs to the effects of the electricity.”

— Kevin Holmes from The Creators Project

“When lightning flashes across the sky, you only get a chance to glimpse its fractal form for a split second. But when you send 15,000 volts coursing through plywood, you get a much better look at how it grows. Melanie Hoff, a student at the Pratt Institute in New York City did just that, and the result is a timelapse where you can see the patterns slowly grow out and smolder, like lightning made from molasses.”

— TwoDayTechnology

Melanie Hoff


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