TMC is different to other specialised media because is not focus only in the final result. Beyond the principles of every project, the main intention is to show the process that normally is hidden behind the scenes.

THE METHOD CASE is a website specialized in the world of design. Founded and curated by Mikel Garate Uriarte to show the design process of our world. It’s different to other media because it does not focused only in the final result. By default, this does not mean a perfect collection or a collection of perfect projects. This is the raw daily output trying to inspire and show different ways to design, create and experiment.

TMC strongly believes in the power of sharing knowledge. Alongside, TMC aims at promoting young creative professionals. It is believed that talent also need synergies. Therefore, TMC’s goal is to achieve an innovative link between those who design and those who produce, and a university section to develop a new quality of interrelations between industry, designers and the market.

Please feel free to contact us via email hello@themethodcase.com and submit your story.



If you believe in TMC’s philosophy and would like to be part of it, no matter your skills or experience, please contact via email hello@themethodcase.com

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