Adela – A lamp inspired in the craftsman shutters by El nebot del Persianer

Published on March 22, 2013


Process is also adaptation, and today we come with a good example: El Nebot del Persianer (the nephew of the shutters craftman – Salvador Nadal) This project is born from a family tradition and passion for creating objects born of the fusion between the crafts and the technological. Lucas Sanz Belda, brother in law of Salvador’s grandmother and the blind craftsman since 1955. A whole design process: From the raw material collecting the cane until the blind manufacturing.  A tradition that began his brother, over half a century ago. A lifetime making, repairing and setting up sunblinds that now, 50 years ago, as it remembers in a sort of tribute to an object so distinctive of the Mediterranean towns.

It is a tribute to traditional values of a legendary product autochthonous in our lands. A trip influenced to seek new experiences. An historical and cultural context, where time and memory are merged with emotional future.

Salvador creates objects, which have a sensory intention, symbolic and moral, that allow himself to know his roots and continue our evolution towards a more sustainable future. This is a project marked by great conceptual appearance. Developing a fusion of traditional processes with current and cutting edge concepts through a detailed process where every detail is very important. Empower the sunblind giving a new vision and lengthen its life cycle, reusing it for other purposes other than its natural function. They have adapted the sunblind to a furniture collection that finally came in three lamps and a desk. The project  promotes the recovery and utilization of autochthonous elements, using traditional methods, as basic elements in the product design. Thanks to this character, they have been able to know from a first hand, all the processes that was used to manufacture the first cane sunblinds.

Therefore, Adela is a work lamp-container. It’s a piece which combines the lamp function and a small container too. Can be used to save or hold the small pocket or everyday objects as keys, cellular, wallet or to save objects that you need at work as pens, pencils, scalimeter at the same time used to illuminate the work table. Another potential that this product has is the ability to hang in the sunblind all formats A4. Elegantly combining form, function and material, we reinterpreted an object already known, giving a surprising twist. Definitely a small gesture adapted as a classic work light.

El Nebot del Persianer


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