Konstantin Grcic’s Allstar Office Chair’s Development for Vitra

Published on July 20, 2015


With Allstar, Kostantin has developed an office chair which makes a strong reference to chairs outside the office. Its rational construction and emblematic appeal yield a form of de-acceleration from the fast-paced dynamic of most work environments. They were keen to design a chair which defies the typical office stereotype. Allstar expresses a sense of familiarity and casualness which make it suited for a wide variety of settings, both professional and domestic.

Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-01 Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-11 Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-03

Allstar performs almost all functions of a fully fledged office chair: it has a five-star swivel base, an adjustable synchronised mechanism, seat depth and height adjustment, and an adjustable backrest. The large loop armrest, which shapes the identity of Allstar, also represents the main structural element on which the mechanical unit of the chair is hinged.

Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-16 Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-17

The Allstar chair defies conventional categorisations: is it a chair for office workplaces or the home office? What period is it from? Does it fulfil specific functions? What is it made of? In developing Allstar, Konstantin Grcic kept such formulations open in order to provide office workers with a relaxed home-like feel and sense of familiarity. The form of Allstar is emblematic and appealing. It seems as though this chair has always existed, which inspires a feeling of trust and security. Exuding casual ease and comfort, it yields a calming influence and de-accelerates the fast-paced dynamic of today’s offices.

Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-19 Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-20 Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-18 Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-21

At the same time – though concealed from the eye – Allstar contains the necessary functional features of an office chair: a synchronised mechanism with lockable positioning, seat depth and height adjustment, and an adjustable backrest. A stout loop frame made of robust plastic simultaneously performs the function of armrests, backrest support and extended arm of the mechanical unit. It enables the separate movement of seat and backrest and transfers the forces to the mechanical unit under the seat. The organically shaped cushions of the seat and back work together with the technical functions to ensure a high level of comfort. This makes Allstar suited to a wide variety of settings where high functional performance is desired but a classic office chair would not be appropriate for aesthetic reasons – an ideal choice for modern workplace concepts or co-working spaces as well as home offices.

Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-13Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-15 Allstar-office-chair-Konstantin-Grcic-09

Allstar comes in different colour versions. The base and fabric seat cushion are always black while the armrests and backrest are coordinated in various colour combinations. Allstar is also available with covers in leather.

Konstantin Grcic and Vitra


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