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Published on April 11, 2016


Almond aim is to be the premier lifestyle brand of the Surfer-Craftsman. Hand-built surfboards are the foundation of what they do here; but whatever the pursuit may be, they’re a brand that believes in investing the time and committing to the process. Their aim is to make timeless, essential products for surfers and craftsmen of all varieties.

about page

about page

They got their start in 2007, hand-shaping surfboards that they hoped would be lasting in quality and function. They have been continuing to refine and perfect their process ever since. They truly hope that the surfboards they build today will be passed down as heirlooms to the next generation.


As a team and as a brand, they value well-made purposeful products. They make things that we need/want/use, and they make them in California, because this is their home. Go to visit them at their retail store in Newport Beach, they would love to chat with you. They are a small team of 5 dedicated friends/family who want to make good, honest stuff for good, honest people…

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The Del Mar film features Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards and Designs. Building a pitch-perfect blend of modern California surfing style and historic American craft, the film follows Dave through the rigorous process of handshaping and finishing one of Almonds signature longboards. Almond emphasis on handshaping rather than mass production parallels LASCO’s commitment to the power of small but mighty American manufacturers.

Almond Surfboards


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