“Areniscos”, tableware made from sand by Victor Castanera

Published on September 27, 2012

If we actually take the opportunity to really look at ourselves and take in everything around us, we will notice that everything that surrounds us is a product of mass production. Clothing, furniture, technology, even our food is a product of production farming and machines. Our industrial process is incredibly fast, high volume and possesses volatile consequences on our society and environment. A Barcelona designer, Victor Castanera, visualizes an alternate production and creation model within the parameters of our natural habitat where he explores how nature can move us to create a sensorial, sustainable and experiential process.

The vision inculcates the possibility of growing a small industry that permits the simple creation of a series of products taking advantage and leveraging nature in its simplest forms, without damaging it in the process. No machines, no contamination, only a small amount of resources are needed to create the product. This industry will not only highlight the product but also the process and philosophy of natural production.

The Areniscos project is a perfect example of this methodology as Victor Castanera embarks on a process of shaping the sand by pouring water. This first steps allow the natural formation of the product’s shape and depth. Once the form is shaped, he makes sure to extract any residual corals, stones or anything that may damage and impact the mold to follow. Once the ecological acrylic resin is poured, it catalyzes with water and takes on the shape of the volume and begins to harden. The final step is a subtle and delicate excavation in order to separate the sand from the object. A simple process that creates an organic and somewhat improvised collection of plates, cups and trays that is light and beautiful in form. Areniscos demonstrates an integrated object that speaks to nature and to each one of us.

Victor Castanera


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