Artistic Easter Eggs

Published on April 21, 2014

All their Yummy range of Easter Eggs are made with Belgium Dark, White or Milk chocolate.

The creamy fillings options are:
– Crunch peanut butter
– Coconut
– Dark chocolate truffle
– Passionfruit truffle
– “Doce de leite”

“To impress” decorated eggs:
– Mr. Comboy
– Fry eggs
– *Plain chocolate no decorated/or no filling is also available.

All you need is choose you favorite chocolate + filling.
To impress choose one of the decorated eggs.
Our eggs are all 18 cm (about 350g)
AUD 38,00 (filling + decorated)
AUD 30,00 (filling + plain outside)
AUD 25,00 (just chocolate shell, plain or crunch)
AUD 6,00 (2 Macaroons in a box)
AUD 12,00 (egg box with 4 macaroons)


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