Bamboo craft by Chifuyu Enomoto

Published on April 5, 2012

Today we come up with another video of Tramnesia. Therefore, we would like to stress the wonderful job they are doing. In this case, the project highlights the craft of Japanese creative Chifuyu Enomoto. It shows the skills of Chifuyu as he puts together a bamboo basket by hand, over the eight minutes we’re taken through the entire process in almost real time with lots of traditional techniques on show. It is really amazing to see how  Chifuyu gets a very thin and flush material from a big piece of bamboo using simply the humble blades. Most importantly, at The Method Case we really appreciate to see the details of the process. Hence, our favourite section has to be when he hammers the two blades into the block, as we have not seen this technique used much before. It’s projects like these that really make you apreciate a handcrafted object, perfecting such techniques like we see in the video takes hour upon hour of practice.

Tramnesia and Myorangebox


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