Bamboo on wheels by Bamboo bike studio

Published on June 29, 2012


Bamboo is both beautiful – inspiring art and poetry for thousands of years – and the most utilitarian of plants. From birdcages to buildings we’ve founds countless ways to fashion this plant into the things we need. Now a studio in San Francisco and Brooklyn is turning bamboo into bicycles. The Bamboo Bike Studio spreads the love of bike-making by running build-your-own-bike workshops and selling build-your-own-bike kits. They have taught over two hundred and fifty people to make bikes at the Bamboo Bike Studio. Tens of thousands of miles of test riding. Riding through winter, through potholes and all over the world. Furthermore, they helped to start a factory in Ghana in September, with the goal of providing the lowest cost and highest value bicycles to people who want them most.

Bamboo Bike Studio


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