Behance Portfolio Reviews Barcelona by Domestic Data Streamers

Published on December 12, 2013


Behance is one of the biggest creative communities in the world, a platform to showcase and discover new work in any creative field.

Domestic Data Streamers was invited to participate in the Barcelona Portfolio Review in order to create a voting system for the candidates for the last talk of the event.

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Seven panels were displayed with the work of each designer that could do the talk. By generating an ephemeral laboratory where data is literally turned into liquid, we were able to measure and visually perceive the votes made by the assistants.

Domestic Data Streamers


Direction : Pau Alekumsalaam
Creative Head : Dani Llugany
Production and Creative Director : Alexandra de Requesens
Electronics and Engineering : Joan Planas
Prodution Seniors : Pol Trias & Octavi Serra
Production and Development : Irene Ródenas, Marta Ribas & Marta Domènech


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