Inspired by the coloured tiles of Marrakech. Pendant lamp designed by Benjamin Hubert for Fabbian

Published on April 29, 2014



From the genius of Benjamin Hubert a lamp that breaks all patterns: it draws its inspiration from roofs, and consists of rubbery machine washable scales. The scales may be white or in three different shades to give a blurred effect. The lower part of the lamp is closed by a diffuser disk in polymethacrylate.


Inspired by the coloured tiles of Marrakech, Benjamin designed a pendant lamp in which flexible silicone tiles are hung on a metal frame.

“The consumer can build their own lamp from a framework and selection of different coloured tiles, allowing for customisation as the end user becomes part of the design process.” Benjamin Hubert


The tiles come in various colors enabling the consumer to customize their own design. The tiles are made of silicon polymer, flexible enough to form around a compound curvature framework while allowing some light to pass through.

Benjamin Hubert and Fabbian


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