Blast chairs by explosion by Guy Mishaly

Published on March 19, 2012

Industries develop in different regions around a quarry or readily available raw materials. The sphere of destruction is so developed in Israel that it can almost be considered a local “raw material” around which various industries and tremendous knowledge have developed. Blast is a project in which I use this “raw material” but create objects that are disconnected from the immediate associative context and embody a new interpretation of familiar ground, while taking the explosive element and using it as a tool.

The starting point to this project was how to navigate energy, creating by manipulating energy that is naturally used     to harm and destroy. Another goal was to invent a system that in the same way of use will always provide different results.

The project starts out when  basic boxes and cylinders are created from 1mm of steel sheet metal and by locating explosives (looks like electric cables- filled up with explosive material) around them in specific locations and pushing a button that detonates the explosive material, the metal rips and folds into a stool. No material disappears or blowes away. The weight of the box before the explosion and the weight of the stool that comes out are the same . The box becomes a stool with seat and legs by the explosion itself and there is nothing done to it after. That’s the way it comes out. There will never be 2 stools that are identical.

Guy Mishaly


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