Made of balloons coated with epoxy resin

Published on December 4, 2015


Blowing stools are made of balloons coated with epoxy resin. Seung tried to make the blowing balloon a simple making process based on his personal childhood memories into industrial fabrication furniture making process.

blowing-stools-seats-balloons-epoxy-resin-seung-jin-yang-17 blowing-stools-seats-balloons-epoxy-resin-seung-jin-yang-15

Once blown balloons are shaped and fixed in certain form of chair, than Seung poured epoxy resin 8 times so that it can form a very durable and rigid structure of furniture. The tactility of balloon is transformed into fine colored glass with glossy finishing of epoxy resin.

blowing-stools-seats-balloons-epoxy-resin-seung-jin-yang-19 blowing-stools-seats-balloons-epoxy-resin-seung-jin-yang-10 blowing-stools-seats-balloons-epoxy-resin-seung-jin-yang-16

Through this project, Seung Jin Yang wants to make ordinary materials and making processes into an extra-ordinary manufacturing process.


Seung Jin Yang was born 1986 and lives and works in Seoul, S.Korea. Studied Bachelor of Fine Art (Metal art & design) in Hongik University, Seoul.

Seung Jin Yang


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