Design & Play with Hand Moulding Plastic

Published on December 10, 2015

Caprolactone-thermoplastic copia

Creative professionals are continuously looking for new paths. Designers are increasingly claiming control over their creations. Designers like to use both new and old technologies and transform them through innovative use. ​During next week THE METHOD CASE suggests an alternative to industrialization and production within the process of design. We will be tutors of 16th Creative Marathon at ELISAVA. Hence, the workshop seeks to experiment with ​an easy hand moulding plastic ​(Polycapralactone) and processes for students to produce their own designs. The relationship between the material, the process, the shape and texture is a fundamental aspect to explore and create the final ​product.

We will collaborate with Perstorp (manufacturer) and Campi y Jové (disrtibutor). With their help we will try to understand the material, experimenting and using it in a different context.

perstorp-logo campiyjove

Basically Caprolactone thermoplastics are long chain polymers that can be formed and molded when heated. The good thing about these polymer is that it only takes 60oC to melt the materials making them very good for modelling and sculpting using hot water or a hand held heat gun.

Capa™ Thermoplastics has unique physical properties for a large range of applications such as 3D printing, toys, master batches and for rapid prototyping. It could also be used forMedical devices, in Hot Melt adhesives, Shoe counters and Bioplastics.

Performance and process advantages: Durable, Strong, Stiff, Moldable at 60°C, Reshapeable over and over again and Biodegradable.

Perstorp (Malmö, Sweden) is the world technology leader in caprolactone and they offer you a unique combination of 40 years of knowledge, expertise, plant & test facilities.



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