No Cardboard by Philipp Käfer

Published on November 4, 2013

20130903_PhilippKäfer_4429For the “No Cardboard Project“ a lightweight material well known in aircraft and maritime construction is used to make unusual furniture. Like cardboard the material has one corrugated layer glued between two flat  layers, each made from coated aluminium. Each sheet is just one millimetre or less thick and therefore can be brought in shape easily. It is only after combining the three metal sheets with special adhesive that they create a stability that is numerous times stronger than the simple addition of its components.

8 7 10This sandwich provides a high flexural rigidity whilst being very thin, light and resistant to corrosion. The outcome of this project is a multifunctional piece of furniture that portraits a sense of lightness. Despite its airy and open structure it bears several hundreds of kilos and will last for decades.

15 17The appearance immediately gives the impression of cardboard that, because of its recyclability, became a very popular material beyond the field of packaging.

21The “No Cardboard Project” translates this ephemeral contemporary into a durable product. It combines the clever structure of corrugated cardboard with the durability of metal. A modern, minimalist, state of the art piece is created, which is able to mature and become an antique of the future.

20130903_PhilippKäfer_4334Size: L 30 x B 37 x H 40
Material:Aluminium, Lacquer or Aluminium brushed
Weight in kg: 2,5 kg
Bears up to: 400 kg

Philipp Käfer

Photos by Martin Ueberschaer
Film by Ingo Schuppler


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