Chassis, a chair produced from deep-drawn sheet steel

Published on June 25, 2013

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Chassis, a chair made by Stefan Diez. When Chassis came onto the market 2011 it was the first chair to be produced from deep-drawn sheet steel, like the bodywork of a car.
Using a rather expensive tool, the frame is made in a single production step from 1.2mm thin sheet steel. After the legs have been welded on, an invisible attachment connects the seat to the frame. As with a car bodywork, its elasticity distributes the forces over the whole frame.

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This makes the chair lightweight and robust at the same time. After years of use the frame can be separated from the seat and newly lacquered or reupholstered. Since 2013 the legs have been assembled by robots, which has further reduced the selling price. With Wilkhahn as the producer they had the opportunity to make a chair by industrial means for the first time. Chassis is manufactured in Germany near Hanover and is sold for prices starting at approximately 250€.

Stefan Diez and Wilkhahn


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