Cocktail table lamp

Published on November 15, 2018

LED adjustable aluminium Cocktail table lamp with rechargeable battery. The original design of this portable light makes it ideal to create a special atmosphere in restaurants, hotels, terraces and homes. Available in black or white, its adjustable head can be used to aim the light to accentuate an object or area. Its 4 adjustment levels help to create the perfect ambience.


The designer of Cocktail, Francesc Vilaró, explains that this product “puts light at the heart of the design.”

The conical shape of its diffuser enables the light to spread out horizontally on the table, preventing shadows from being formed and the light from being dazzling.

If you are looking for unique lighting to create a special ambiance, Grok Lighting‘s Cocktail table lamp is the perfect choice. Its design, its orientable, adjustable and dazzle-proof light as well as its USB charger make it a sophisticated and autonomous light.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Even though Cocktail lamp takes its inspiration from the food and drink industry, this table top light blends perfectly with all kinds of settings to create a special atmosphere.

Francesc Vilaró from Diba Studio, Cocktail’s designer, uses a methodology that strikes a balance between creativity, industrialisation, innovation, appearance and functionality.


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