Collection Cornwall by Kirstie van Noort

Published on January 30, 2013

What a result! There is no other way to start a description for such a research project. Curious to know about the origin and production of china, Kirstie spent two weeks in Cornwall in the UK. Large quantities of china clay are extracted every year. During her stay she also learned about other industries besides the china industry. Cornwall played an important role in the Industrial Revolution, because of its soil being very rich in ore. Until the nineties, there were dozens of mines from which copper, tin and silver was extracted. But the prices of the materials dropped, and all mines were forced to close down. The result is a landscape that has been left with the remains of the mines. Not just the buildings, but also the piles of raw materials that have been discarded by the industry make a colourful pattern in the landscape.


The three objects Bugle, Geevor and Nanpean have been named after the places where the materials were found, and reflect the three most important industries in this area, namely tin, copper and china clay. They also give an impression of the impact their respective footprints have left on the landscape. ‘Bugle’ is a jug, and refers to the original form of the tin jug, but here it’s made from china and has a coloured coating that was developed from the tin mine. Saucepan ‘Geevor’ shows the intense shine of the copper mine, and is also made from china. ‘Nanpean’ is a china cup and saucer that are coloured with the pigments extracted from the waste that was left behind from this industry.

From The Method Case we just have nice words for this project. In these times when the context of society is characterized by the short-term and volatile things, we appreciate a lot to see a project where color research is the evolution of the project. Furthermore, when this research gives the meaning to the project. Enjoy!

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Kirstie Van Noort



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