Color Collision by Kirstie van Noort & Rogier Arents

Published on January 10, 2013

After having met at DAE(Design Academy Eindhoven), these two each went their own way. Kirstie van Noort likes to do extensive research on materials or processes beforehand, using the information thus dug up as a bases for the story behind the end product. Rogier Arents is a designer and communicator of scientific research. This is their first joint project.


Materials are effected by circumstances. The pigment in red cabbage is subject to a striking change in color when the PH value in the environment changes. When applied to ceramics this results in crockery in unprecedented colors. The significant moment of color collision is captured in film and photography.

“In Color Collision we invented a coloring process for ceramics. From this process we will develop products which will be shown at Dutch Invertuals in Milan 2013”


As it can be seen within the gallery of pictures, they did a whole research. Starting from the reactions of a material on its environment and including methods to preserve materials form influence of the environment, as paint. Moreover, they tested different natural pigments that react on change in PH-value: Red cabbage gave the best result and they did a series of test. The color reacts on the value of the PH. The tests were made on the ceramics in the University of Amsterdam.

Kirstie van NoortRogier Arents – Dutch Invertuals 2012 Eindhoven


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