Flesh Love by Condomania and Photographer Hal

Published on May 14, 2014

Condomania-Flesh-Love-hal-16 Condomania-Flesh-Love-hal-17

Photographer Hal started packing couples together in futon vacuum bags to preserve their love forever. The process to achieve this eternal image is very organic and each couple can only be left inside the seal bag for 10 seconds.


This documentary produced by Condomania, shows us how Photographer Hal does it, why he does it, and what his creative vision is. At the same time, we also discover what does the couple feels about the experience and eternal love.

Condomania-Flesh-Love-03 Condomania-Flesh-Love-04

Condomania is an iconic condoms shop in the center of Tokyo that strives to promote safe and protected love to its audience.

Condomania and Photographer Hal


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