Copper Lamp by Steven Banken

Published on November 13, 2013


Copper Lamp is a handmade product of dutch designer Steven Banken. The lights will hang directly at the ceiling. A normally cool led light reflects inside the copper light. The lamp creates a clear light centre surrounded with a warm copper semblance.

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Walnut parts fits precisely in the ends of the copper tube. The different parts are shaped by hand on the same machine, the lathe. This machine was the startingpoint of the project. A partly handbuild machine which can be used for both materials. The lamps are avaible in three differnt lengths and a special edition with a round shaped copper bottom.


In 2010 Steven Banken graduates Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Shortly after he starts his studio where design and craftsmanship meet located on the factory side of designer Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven.

The projects are based on a research in origin and material. This approach results in a clear design with an eye for innovation, construction and finish. The products and furniture are produced in his own studio.

Steven Banken is fascinated by the material wood, craftmanship and its history. His great appreciation for industrial and artisanal techniques is visible in construction and detail.

Besides wood Steven also works with other natural materials such as reed, which is visible in his project ‘Sheaves’. A seasonal outdoor furniture piece which brings the ancient craft of cutting reed back into his natural environment.

Steven Banken


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