Cumulus by Mendel Heit

Published on August 10, 2013

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Mendel Heit Design Lab is a product design practice in Berlin. Mainly focusing on furniture, products, interior design and research projects, as well as co-designing with other agencies. The projects go towards interaction, 3d-Printing, new (generative) shapes, innovative concepts, intelligent & sustainable solutions, hardware hacking as well as diy/open-source ways of thinking and making. Combining and experimenting with new fabrication techniques and handicrafts. Working together with people from different backgrounds (IT, gfx, Art, scientists, engineers..) is a great experience and is an important inspiration for the Lab.


Cumulus is the result of a cooperation with the CIAV of Meisenthal. Every year a new edition of the Christmas Balls is being designed and produced.

Building up on the Cumulus made in 2010, three colored glass clouds balance themselves on a light alumium structure. And also the one shines even more with its silver lining. This particular christmas ball is an invite to go back to your to childhood memories, your first video game, activate your deepest imagination, maybe like the ones that come during an afternoon when you’re lying in the grass and spotting for the funniest clouds you can find. Cumulus is the easiest way to bring back your own little cloud at home.

Download the process in a PDF | Produced by CIAV of Meisenthal | Belongs to the Fond National d’Art Contemporain

Mendel Heit


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