Cycle by Olivier Raymond

Published on June 27, 2012


The extraordinary in the mundane: Public transportation has become part of the urban culture. Having increased in efficiency throughout the years, the service now calls for an added dimension, the extraordinary within the ordinary. Cycle™ subscribes to this new approach where travelling is increased in accessibility, efficiency, enjoyability and therefore becomes an experience for the senses. So how do we take the public transport experience beyond the ordinary?Based on the system of stations already spread across the city, Cycle™ introduces a new feature, the electric motor, never yet seen on a public transport device. Other innovative features that contribute to the enhancement of the user’s overall experience include: A device created out of noble materials (aluminium, glass, etc.), user-friendly technology (touch screen, integrated card reader, etc.), wheels that maximise the battery’s lifespan, and a lock & pay station terminal represent just a few of many more features to discover.

Olivier Raymond


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