DEMO 3D printed letterpress + risograph

Published on October 20, 2014


The Identity was created for the event called ‘DEMO. Exploring new processes of creating’ and was pitched as ‘a space for trial’. Which allowed and gave emphasis not only on the final product, but on the process of creating and producing an experimental graphic identity.

A flexible system was designed based on a modular typeface that combined both analog and digital practices as a structure for the identity of the event. This permitted a wide range of typefaces that could use both high and low tech applications in the creation and production of graphic media. These ‘demos’ then showed the result of using the various technologies such as 3D printing, collage, risograph, and traditional CMYK printing.


The process and result of applying this structure for DEMO combined several methods. First the typeface was created digitally and then imprinted using CMYK printing. Additionally, the same digital typeface, was transformed into movable type using 3D printing which was then used to print using letterpress.


All of the results and end products were used for the event in different mediums, even if they contained ‘errors’, so as to show the experimental process in creating the identity for DEMO.

Raquel Quevedo | DEMO


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