Designit’s Strategic Design Process

Published on February 17, 2016


Designit is a global strategic design firm. They design product-service experiences, making business transformation happen.


With their clients, they create experiences for humans, enabled by technology. Together, they design a smarter future for everyone.

We work some 4,000 days annually on telco business transformation projects, but that does not make us a telco design agency. We work with creating services that help people live ‘smarter connected lives’. We worked 3,500 days on designing user-driven pharma experiences last year, but to us it’s about ‘empowering future citizens’ to live ‘healthier lives’. Those are not sectors; those are intentions to make a difference—for the businesses too—and that’s how we build our knowledge sharing processes.
Mikal Hallstrup, CVO and founder, Designit

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Customer expectations are being rapidly redefined by the exponential development of technology. Delivering meaningful products and experiences requires a radically new approach, one that’s driven by the opportunities technology creates and is orientated firmly towards the future.

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Businesses can no longer look to the past for guidance. Success is dependent on understanding the business opportunities that emerge at the intersection between new technologies and changing customer expectations. Their approach to this profound business transformation challenge is called Unified Product-Service Experience.

They are hiring designers! Want to be one of them? Click here


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