Diem. Ateneu il·lumina’t

Published on April 3, 2014

ELISAVA participates in the “Llum Barcelona 2014” festival with an ephemeral intervention in the romantic garden of the Ateneu Barcelonès called «Diem. Ateneu il·lumina’t».

The project suggests a link between the light and the word as a knowledge metaphor. In this project, both are the same thing that allows to make visible, to understand, to share and to spread both concepts understood as a means and not as an end. They suggest an installation that represents the purest essence of the Ateneu.

The installation has the characteristic to change its aspect with the daylight or the nightlight. The four letters that form the word “diem” are structured by a flexible and transparent plastic tube.

At night, the light flows through the letters in a liquid state, and the work gains relevance and importance in the space, as it lights up from the darkness. During the day, a coloured liquid goes through the tube and gives lightness and dynamism to the sculptural piece, and the word coexists with the green vegetation and the Ateneu members.

This activity takes place within the framework of the Llum Barcelona 2014, an urban festival where light becomes the main element, capable of showing a new city.

Project team:
Saul Baeza, Alexandra de Requesens, Pau Garcia, Raquel Llaberia, Dani Llugany, Milena Samos y Eva Vera.
Electronics, programming and sound:
Joan Planas Bertran
Ana Mir (Emiliana Design)
Consultants production:
Salva Fàbregas y Jordi Ballesta (Director del Postgrado en Iluminación Arquitectónica).
Raffaella Perrone
Project Leaders:
Albert Fuster & Virginia Angulo
Gerard Rodríguez, Joan Planas & Saúl Baeza
Video editing and postproduction:
Gerard Rodríguez y Saúl Baeza

Thanks to:
Ivan Castro y Jesus Morentin


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