Dilettante shapes by Julian Heckel

Published on September 24, 2013


Dilettante shapes is an experimental process which investigates how objects change during the procedure of communication. Therefor objects were designed to be examined by various people for a certain amount of time. After the object was taken away, they were asked to rebuild it. To underline the chain of communication, every participant had to rebuild the object his or her predecessor built. The built objects were then used as a mould for a coloured casting material. The colour got more intense from object to object, so the colour illustrates the objects’s position in a certain experimental series.

Two working stations structure the process in the building part for the participants and the casting part.

dilettant03 dilettant04dilettant08 dilettant10

By the end, the experimental series show that the objects did not change by chance but they become more and more simpler in their shape depending how much steps in the test run it took so far.


The work recieved an appreciation and a special award at the International Marianne Brand Contest 2013.

Julian Heckel
Photos by Michel Klehm
Text and photos courtesy by Julian Heckel


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