Drawing Apparatus by Robert Howsare

Published on March 3, 2012

Design is a task that takes place surrounded by many other factors. In most cases the designer tries to take care of every detail so nothing can spoil the final result.

On this basis, Robert Howsare plays with the arbitrary factor to create an exquisite collection of posters. As a tool; Drawing apparatus: The system is simple as well as effective. Consists of two articulated wooden arms, which are connected to a disk player. Thereby, the rotation leads the arm with a marker to different drawing patterns. Changing variables as the length of the arm or the disk’s speed create different shapes. Pure lines full of interesting styling.

At The Method Case we specially like Robert’s point of view. He does not just see it as a way of creating unique drawings. For Robert, the revolution of the records creates drawings that serve as a marker of temporality. The drawings also speak to the idea of the editionable print through their ability to be replicated using domestic materials. Maybe not revolutionary but authentic design process. We wish you like it. Enjoy!

Robert Howsare


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