Dust matters by Lucie Libotte

Published on September 15, 2014

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters

Lucie Libotte is a designer who uses material as a starting point for wide-ranging explorations. From Belgium and Graduated from BA Textile Design at Central St Martins and began exploring how they interact with textiles and how this changes our perceptions and ideas of our surroundings. In the course of her MA in Textile Futures, she discovered the importance of the fundamental origins of materials.

Through uncommon materials and techniques her works embrace the notion of ephemerally and mankind’s efforts to understand and recreate physical aspects found in natural environments. She is interested in the materials origins as a representational system.

Lucie Libotte would like to introduce to you her final project “Dust Matters”.

House dust is commonly perceived as dirty, intrusive and repulsive. We know it as fine grey dry powder consisting of tiny particles and waste matter collecting on surfaces or carried in the air. It is often associated with unkempt and neglected environments, where as a clean environment is considered as civilized and proper.

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters process 2 Lucie Libotte Dust Matters process 3

“Dust matters” aims is to re-evaluate this “dirt”, and convey the value of dust as an indicator of our environment, showing how it reflects our daily life and traces our journey through the world.

Focusing on the individual’s private sphere as the research arena, she have collected samples of dust from various homes, observing and analysing the different inherent components. The physical value of those components was discovered to be substantial.

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters process 4

This value is brought to life with as an unusual coating layer on ceramic objects. Using “dust matter” technique, Lucie Libotte created a range of bespoke vessels that display the different sampled environments, and ultimately tell a story of their origin location.

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters7Lucie Libotte Dust Matters4 Lucie Libotte Dust Matters1Lucie Libotte Dust Matters5 Lucie Libotte Dust Matters2

Dust Matters is definitely not a concluded project. In fact, she considers it to be at an early stage of its progress. For its further development, she would be interested in finding a space not only to work but that could also simultaneously inform the making of new body of work. “This would allow me to create a design piece(s) that relates to that space, both in regards to the dust properties and the historical narrative attached to the setting” says Lucie.

If you know someone that will be interested in getting involved in the project, or a place that might be interesting to develop Dust Matters and create something out with dust,  contact Lucie Libotte

Lucie Libotte


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