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Published on January 28, 2013

Dustin Kott is a man that follows his passion and it has led him to revive and perfect vintage Honda motorcycles into rolling forms of art.

Mott Motorcycles is a specialty motorcycle shop based near Los Angeles California, specializing in the restoration and customization of 1970’s era Honda CB series twins and inline fours. Focusing efforts toward custom cafe inspired motorcycles, Kott Motorcycles continually promotes customer involvement in the design and conception of their own motorcycle. They can make your vision come to life, from start to finish your ideas help shape your very own cafe racer. Holding fast to the tradition of weight-reduction, improved seating position and overall horsepower, Kott Motorcycles gives you an opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind, personally designed bike, like no other out there.

Kott Motorcycles is the culmination of passion for old machines, hard work, late nights and countless years of learning most everything he knows about motorcycles on the side of the road. The very first motorcycle that came into his hands was a 1966 Honda S90. This motorcycle was given to him by his grandfather on the contingency that it would never leave the family. To this day it still has not. The S90 is in the shop as he writes this, along with several other machines. The S90 reached its completion just shortly before hisgrandfather passed away. To see the look in his eyes when the bike had been brought back to life was reason enough to continue building motorcycles.

Growing up, Honda motorcycles were not necessarily his favorite, they were simply what he could get his hands on at a reasonable price when he was eighteen years old. He had always had adoration for Triumphs, Indians, James Dean and the open road. Triumphs and Indians are still out of his price range; James has been gone a long time; but the open road is still there. To attempt to replicate all that he had come to admire- the cafe inspiration of Triumph and the Americana influence of the Indian all on an affordable machine- was the great debate.  All of this being said, the Honda CB 750 seemed to be the best candidate among the alternatives. The horsepower is more than reasonable and the style is classic, but they are heavy and in his opinion not the best looking of bikes when they are stock. However, he has come to have a great amount of admiration  for them in the last ten years, and he has an implicit trust and regard for them. Overcoming these aesthetic, weight and overall ride-ability issues, is why Kott Motorcycles has come to exist. In starting with the CB 750, the rest of the great Honda fours and twins have also found there way into the garage, treated with the same care and concern towards improvements. Through endless packs of cigarettes, throwing countless designs in the trash, and simply staring at motorcycles for the last ten years, he feels that solutions are being reached that hopefully we can all agree on.

In the end, all they want to do is get down the road on a machine that is suited for our individual desires and needs. Breathing new life into old machines is what he loves and have loved for many years.  If all goes well he hopes to be doing this until his hands are arthritic and his knees are shot.

“Long live vintage motorcycles that are too tough to die…” Dustin Kott

Kott Motrocycles


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