Energy Artefacts is a collection of objects made with an idea of saving material waste

Published on June 11, 2014

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Material waste is something that affects all industries and leaves a lasting effect on the planet. This project is a collaboration with TED textile company and Chelsea College of Art and Design, students chose one or two TED principles to focus on – and come up with a new sustainable method for design using this principle. This project is focused around TED principle no.7 ‘Design for Ethical Production’. Energy Artefacts is a collection of objects made with an idea of saving material waste in mind, the idea of a new sustainable process. Each object is made using one or more materials that are thrown out every day, thus creating a new life for these wasted materials.


Everything from wood shavings, plastic utensils, construction rope, cardboard, broken wires, plastic bottles, and much more are used within the mixes as well as unexpected items like chalk, soil and tea to come up with a different surface appearance. Each object was made with waste issues in mind; using recycled containers as moulds, and using waste within the moulds – thus extending the life of more waste materials. The designer left these objects as exploratory objects – suggestions for bigger ideas that can be carried out in future work.

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The second part of Energy Artefacts surrounds around the idea of ‘preserving nature’ and gives the item a sense of function to it’s user. The idea of the second part of the project is to fully encapsulate the title ‘Energy Artefacts’ and give these objects a sense of purpose. The idea is that each object is made of herbs, tea or flowers that give the user the life-affirming benefits of what it’s made with. For example, a vessel made with lotus tea that can have a calming and stress relieving effect on it’s user.


Made Using; Earl Grey tea, Tape, ‘Moon Sparkle’ Incense and Pepper.
Benefits it’s user with; Heart benefits, Anti-depressent, & Stress relief.


Made Using; Green tea, Rosemary and Acrylic.
Benefits it’s user with; Keeps energy levels stable, Helps with depression and Helps with concentration.


Made Using; Yellow chalk, Foam hair twist, Wood shavings, Soil and PG tips.
Benefits it’s user with; Increases energy levels.


Made Using; Rhododendron flowers, Sweet William flowers, Cranberry/Raspberry tea, & Broccoli.
Benefits it’s user with; Increases energy levels.

Collaboration with TED and Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Laura Olson


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