Envolta by Júlia Esqué

Published on June 13, 2012

The year 2011 celebrated the 50th anniversary of Delta Industrial Design Awards in Barcelona, Spain. Taking advantage of this fact, young professionals re-interpret some of the most significant and the resulting project is presented  face to face with the author of the original piece. Júlia Esqué is a young designer from Barcelona who has worked for the re-interpretation of the 1988 Delta Prize , the “Coqueta” Chair by Pete Sans. The main attractive feature of the chair is the use of a belt that supports the tension generated by the weight of the user and prevents the arch opening  of the legs. Thus, Júlia’s work has been inspired by the belt. Most importantly, because this part is the meeting point between the chair and the new proposal. It is mandatory for the proper use of the object by conceptualising about the tension that occurs in the chair use. Therefore, the aim of Envolta (which in catalan means “to wrap”) is to create something that serves to transport these items linking the subject with a belt. Turning one extreme inside the belt buckle get tense and holding the object. Enjoy!

Júlia Esqué


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