Ephemera III – The destruction of physical typography by Bogidar Mascareñas

Published on November 13, 2012

Ephemera is a conceptual project started from the word “Speed”. Bogidar Mascareñas, a graphic designer based in Barcelona has created a series of four posters ephemeral and destruction process. The project is structured in two parts: a long construction time and rapid destruction. Thus, the result shows the process of constant change, the transition and finally reaching the ephemeral (lasting one day).

Ephemera III – “What has been accumulated will be exhausted” relies on the fact that the enormous amount of elements presented which will be burned. For the process, the designer made a template with the sentence to be placing the 800 incense cones. With all ready started burning cones two people with two torches while third to photos from a ladder (so that the image was totally perpendicular).

The interesting part of this piece is that it is not finished. The reason is, as he mentions: At first it was fine and we could turn many cones at once and quickly but slowly enough smoke started coming out even so just turn the 800 cones. 10 minutes after turning the cones came group of about 15 police, fire and ambulance to think that the house was burning. As shown in the photos as I had to turn it off when it became impossible to take pictures.


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