Ephemera IIII – The destruction of physical typography by Bogidar Mascareñas

Published on November 14, 2012

Ephemera is a conceptual project started from the word “Speed”. Bogidar Mascareñas, a graphic designer based in Barcelona has created a series of four posters ephemeral and destruction process. The project is structured in two parts: a long construction time and rapid destruction. Thus, the result shows the process of constant change, the transition and finally reaching the ephemeral (lasting one day).

Ephemera IIII – “What has been high will be brought low” comes from the idea that one piece is gradually falling from the top to the bottom. Thus, the author thought about the wax and a candle is out over the hours accumulate all wax winding down.

The process started by making a mould laser cut acrylic and make a silicone mould, after several washes get a mould that had taken all the detail of methacrylate and where he just started to experiment with the wax. A fifth candle that had started to see parts coming out quite well and the eighth, Bogidar got a completely perfect. The technique was to shoot very little wax and inserting a stick slowly while compacting it with your finger.

Bogidar Mascarenas


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