FabClay by Sasha Jokic, Starsk Lara and Nasim Fashami

Published on October 23, 2012

FabClay is project done by Sasha Jokic (Serbia), Starsk Lara (Colombia) and Nasim Fashami (Iran) ,based on the idea of robotic additive manufacturing fabrication, innovative materials and computational tools. The research is being conducted at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona at Digital Tectonics course lead by Marta Male Alemany with assistance of Jordi Portell and Miquel Lloveras.

The research aimed to exploring a new digital fabrication system which is fully optimized, adaptive and human independent system.. Demonstrates the new vision of making architectural design and constructions, In terms of changing the logic of built from human as a constructor to machine, regarding to new aspects of technology possibilities. It has started from researches on traditional way of building with simple and accessible materials and continued by expanding the connections between architecture and new technology. Through digital design process we are able to make complex shapes by simple rules that are emerging from mechanic performance and material’s possibility.Material’s properties and its communication with machines will create the performance in which complex forms can be emerged, therefore exploring the behavior of material and its’ potentials give rise to develop prototypes in order to achieve architectural applications in variation of species in terms of scale, form and function.

FabClay | Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia


How it’s made the material :

More about students of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia :


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