Make wallpaper that’s art not decoration for FEATHR

Published on April 28, 2016


They’re on a mission to lift wallpaper out of the decoration ghetto. So FEATHR’s brief is simple – make wallpaper that’s art not decoration.

They create wallpaper that’s art. This means Feathr don’t do things the way that other wallpaper companies do. And they don’t work with the types of artists that other wallpaper
companies work with. They believe that we’re surrounded by under-exposed artistic talent (you). Their aim is to unearth it and give it a new canvas. Together, you can create a new wallpaper collection that’s art and not decoration.

Submit stunning design at The FEATHR community & team vote on them. The best will go on sale at and retailers around the world. And as they print digitally, on-demand, it means there are almost no limits to your colours or ideas.

There are 10 x openings for artists to join our 2016/17 roster. Each artist who is selected for one of these roster places will be paid a $500 cash fee for their work. All artists whose work is printed and sold receive 5% royalties, based on net revenue.

Submissions close 12pm 2 May 2016. Submit at


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