FIU Barcelona (28/01, 26/02, 26/03, 16/04 and 15/05)

Published on January 20, 2015


FIU Barcelona is an event created with the aim of propelling quality projects of new generations creatives. It’s time to create a window for the talents who tomorrow will be the creative core of professional world and society. Humbert Clotet y Georgina Capdevila are two young 21 who graduated tlast year in Design Management in ESDI, and FIU is their Graduation Project.

Those on top better be shaking because they are here to steal it all, everything but the ideas… They have more than enough of that.

The fact of one generation being substituted by the next is something natural and unavoidable, but yet it is a slow process. They don´t want to wait, and they won´t. They want the recognition, the awards and the clients. They want the studios and the agencies. They want to listen and be listened by those on top; to work with them, side by side.
They want to be “the big ones” of tomorrow, and, in order to do so, they need to start today.

The consolidation of the creative community that is emerging in Barcelona. The time has come. After a successful FIU Barcelona Tour that has taken place in four universities of the catalonian capital (Elisava, BAU, Esdi and IDEP) and has mobilized over 900 participants, it is moment for the emerging talents of our country to come forward and show themselves to the world.
The big day of FIU Barcelona is coming closer, and it will be located on an ideal setting to receive more than 400 creative minds willing to dive in what will be a gathering focused on ambition, motivation, inspiration and creative and innovating talent in large doses.
A great opportunity where the professional creative sector and the emerging creative talent will come together. The end of a hierarchy marked by a system which has gotten obsolete; the perfect junction of today and tomorrow within the same space-time framework.

FIU Barcelona

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