Forgotten Memory by Jetske Visser

Published on September 18, 2012

Everyone sees their surroundings different. The grey of my jacket is perhaps for me a different grey than it is for you. The grey of my jacket might be a different grey for you than it is for me. As a designer I study how people experience their environment and I am always aware of the perspective of someone else.

In the movie ” Forgotten memory” you step into the world of dementia. An invisible and hidden world is exposed. I wonder how daily things look like with the view of a demented person. How do they experience their environment? What is a teapot if you don’t know what a teapot is?

With the help of care home “De Landrijt”, scientific research, literature and contact with demented elderly, I tried to show this shadowy and uncertain world. The result of this collaboration is an associative movie. You see recognizable objects being transformed combined with demented elderly as a metaphor for the disease. In this world things are not always what you expect them to be.

Jetske Visser 


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