Fork clothing hanger by Buttur

Published on May 14, 2015


Fork is a clothing hanger that utilizes materials and manufacturing in an unexpected manner while retaining minimal aesthetics and structural integrity.


Its design has been stripped down to its essential elements while adding a hint of curiosity, resulting in a clean aesthetic.


It is a handsome piece you will admire for years to come. Fork is the connection between you and your beloved garments. It creates an elegant experience to how your clothes are treated and displayed.

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Fork is manufactured with aerospace certified quality methods, and hand-finished by craftsmen; natural flaws can be apparent and are needed to show the mark of the maker.

Buttur is a husband and wife team trained as an Industrial Designer and Color Specialist. After several years of working in the product design industry with a focus on technology, they started Buttur to gain an analog and wholesome experience to designing and manufacturing products. Together they design and manufacture handsome products for the enlightened by transforming their experiences with everyday moments into tangible objects. They source manufacturing in the USA, while working very closely with suppliers to achieve the highest quality results.


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