Gentleman’s Thing by Steven Visser

Published on January 8, 2013

Gentleman’s thing is a product design graduation by Steven Visser from the Artez academy in Arnhem 2012. Focusing on the details, his research and inspiration started by the fact on how people wear in certain ways mirrors the efforts for self presentation of the gentleman from back in the days. A lot of attention is payed to detail, and objects are worn primarily for their stylish appearance, although they are usually fully functional. Check his amazing collection.


Steven Visser say’s

“A close look at today’s street wear tells me fashionable young men mirror the efforts regarding self presentation to that of the gentleman who once was. Elements of the outfit of the self-conscious gentleman included a variety of accessories. These where functional products but mostly worn for a stylish appearance. His attention to detail made him a personality. For today’s stylish young men I focused on a range of iconic gentleman accessories.

My approach voices the world of rational males, with an ambition to build and achieve, firmness and down to earth sobriety. As a designer I focus on elements and details which have a function, I show how my products are constructed, giving construction a decorative spin.”

Steven Visser

Research and Inspiration

“I find that detail is acceptable as long as it has to be there. Most of my solutions and
constructions are recognisable from a different context or application. To me it’s important
you can recognise a construction, especially if it’s applied on a new and different product,
it makes it understandable. You can say I design with a form follows function vision, the
construction must be logical and designed to make people curious and make them want to
take a closer look.”

“While designing my accessories – cane, pipe, suspenders, spectacles and pocket watch – I was inspired by their conventional function and construction but at the same time I focused on innovation. The big challenge was to express their functionality and construction into details that make these items unique, tasteful, intelligent and contemporary. Research to me means making. Making is thinking. I hardly ever sketch. My research is a time consuming work of making samples, trying out all kinds of materials and techniques. In this you might call my way of working or researching that of an artisan.”



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