Geodesic Construction Light

Published on August 1, 2013


Since 2009 when Paul Heijnen graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Paul has been working on a collection of furniture.

Constructed out of straight cedarwood slats, this dome shaped lamp is inspired on the studies of Buckminster Füller translated into Paul’s construction system.


He has been investigating different approaches on the way furniture is made and constructions can be put together. His approach referring to the world of maths, physics and nature.


This lamp is one of many conclusions coming of a study on geodesic domes.


The geodesic dome is a triangulation of a Platonic solid or other polyhedron to produce a close approximation to a sphere.

Paul is developing more complex versions of these modular domes. Working with fractal based virtual triangulated modular elements, as he calls it himself.

Size: 140x140x75
Material: Red Cedar
Available at Frozen Fountain

Paul Heijnen


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