Woodworker by George Nakashima

Published on March 5, 2012

George Nakashima Woodworker is a custom furniture company located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, owned by siblings Mira and Kevin Nakashima. Founded by their father, George Nakashima (1905-1990), in 1947, the nine-acre site served as a kind of laboratory for integrated living, testing George’s concepts of “decentralization, intermediate technology and living off the land” while synthesizing his varied experiences in the Pacific Northwest, Japan, and India, among other places. Today, it continues as an active woodworking studio as well as a heritage centre preserving George’s legacy.
For The Method Case it is heartening to see process of design and philosophy has endured over the years. Clearly, the portfolio continues to maintain the essence of its inception. As they explain, this philosophy is formalized throughout the process: As the sketches show, starting with a precise selection of mature logs and what to do with them calls for creative skill. The main trunk is cut into a single log and, destined for sliced veneer. Most importantly, butterfly-shaped inlays are used to reinforce areas that have been weakened by cracks, knots or large bark pockets. Moreover, these inlays can also be useful in joining together two straight-cut edges of a book-matched tabletop. Finally, excellent surface finish ends the work. We hope you enjoy this philosophy already with more than a century.

Tramnesia and George Nakashima Woodworker


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