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Published on March 18, 2016

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Graffica, a spanish graphic design blog, prints first issue. A documentary magazine that on the number one talks about the future of the profession. The future is the focus. What will happen in the next 5, 10 or 20 years?


The idea of ​​making Gràffica on paper has several points. The first was to find a stand that had a different way of communicating with the reader. After 7 years (March 1) of Web traffic, statistics, social networks … was essential to focus the information with other nuances. A photo full screen on a cell phone is not the same as a double-page photo. Texts with more depth and reflection, much more elaborate themes … all that digital is complex.
On the other hand, many of their more than 300,000 readers in digital, they asked. They wanted more info otherwise, other issues and another way to relate to them. And the last point is that paperless you are considered a medium that lacks something. Sometimes some newspapers called them ‘digital’ as a derogatory manner.

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The magazine concept they have created, they like to call ‘Documentary Magazine’. It is about focussing on a topic and look for partners, main actors, to speak about that and find all points of view from the topic. Graffica is not the writer and who takes part on it, they or the others are contributing the info and material.

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They have made a first number, there are gonna be 4 in one year, which talks about the future of the profession. What will happen in the next 5-10 years? They have contacted professionals from around the world who give them their personal and particular vision of how they see it. From design historians, global creative directors, designers in organizations like the UN … but also illustrators who work at home, or new professionals who are performing tasks that just a couple of years did not exist.

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They are very happy because in just a few weeks since the launch they have not stopped to sell the magazine. They will soon have to start thinking about making a second edition and the return they have had from readers has exceeded all their expectations. Have gone mad and selfies are made in instagram with the magazine, everyone congratulated them for the design, by content, by making a magazine entirely in digital…

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The future is the focus of this first issue THE TIME IS NOW. You can buy and have your magazine here!



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